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My Unexpected Yellow Sticker Haul From Morrisons!

I haven't really bought much in the way of yellow sticker deals so far this year, my plan has been to make use of food we already in the freezer, to both save money and make some room, as the freezer was a tad full! That doesn't mean that I haven't bought a few bits, I have, but mainly fresh fruit and veggies, just less bits and bobs for the freezer.

I've noticed that there seem to be less yellow sticker items being snapped up in the supermarket I work part time in, I guess because people are staying home more, due to lockdown, (quite rightly!), and I've seen more food that would normally be long gone by closing time, still sitting on the shelf at the end of the day, which is a shame, as it gets thrown away if staff don't buy it 😢

I did grab a few bits on Sunday night, after the store closed, not because it was left on the shelf, more due to the fact we found 3 trays of meat that had been put in the wrong place in the back chiller, that should have been put out as clearance, but was missed, and so was offered to staff, as the store was closed, and if we didn't buy it, the meat was going to be thrown out, and that's waaaayy against my frugal principles!

So I grabbed;

2x Packs of chicken breasts for £1 each, normally £9.99 each

2x Packs of sausages for 27p each, normally £2.65 each

2x Packs of free range chicken thighs for 27p each, normally £2.65 each

2x Packs of minced beef for 26p each, normally £2.59 each

1x Pack of thigh fillets for 47p, normally £4.65

So in total I paid £4.07 instead of £40.41, saving £36.34.

I could have bought more, but I made sure everyone had the opportunity to grab some cheap meat, so everyone could make a saving, plus to make sure it wasn't thrown out, as that's a depressing thought to see all that thrown in the bin!

I've frozen the majority of the meat, but we did use one pack of chicken already, which has made 2 evening meals and 2 lunches, with one piece still left which will be used up today, so that £1 pack of chicken, has been well utilised, costing just a few pence per person per meal.. It all helps save some cash, and save some waste... 👍


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