Unusual Ways To Earn Some Extra Cash!

Updated: Mar 7

We look at some slightly more unusual ways you could earn some extra money in 2022!

We look at some slightly more unusual ways you could earn some extra money in 2022!

Our website gives you many ways to earn extra money through side hustle such as mystery shopping, receipt apps, surveys etc., but there are more options out there that may not be relevant to everyone but might be perfect for you!

Fruit Picking

Well, firstly, the roles are seasonal; most of the roles are for the Summer only, with some lasting into early Winter, but they aren't a year-round work opportunity (although that said, some farms do still need staff year-round, but these are rarer), and as such it's a side hustle for a few months.

Seasonal work on farms is suitable for people with all levels of experience. You do not need to have done this kind of work before as the farm will provide training.

The work:

  • can be indoors or outdoors depending on the crop

  • is physical, involving frequent lifting and carrying of items or operating machinery

You’ll need to:

  • be able to make a time commitment to the farm - most farms are looking for full-time workers

  • Consider travel arrangements as the farm may be in a rural area or live on the farm in employer-provided accommodation for a charge.

You may be asked to sow produce, harvest produce, transport produce, or pack produce. There are many roles on a farm, and the rate of pay will vary from role to role, and starts at the national wage minimum of £8.72 per hour, up to around £15.00 per hour. Each farm will have its pay structure.

Looking for a job on a farm is relatively easy. Online is the easiest way. The Gov.UK website has a job search facility, and by using the search term fruit or vegetable picking, you can find a large number of vacancies.

Also try:

Rent Out Your Driveway Or Parking Space

With the rising parking costs in the UK, more and more people are making money by renting out their driveways! You can earn money by allowing people to use your driveway to park their vehicle when you aren't making use of it. This could be during the day, when you are at work, at the weekend, overnight, while you are away on holiday etc. Perhaps you don't have a car at all but have a driveway going to waste that could be used to earn you some cash or have a driveway for two vehicles, but just have the one?

Companies such as Just Park make it simple by listing your driveway/space on its website, so people looking for a parking space can find your drive and book it online. When it comes to what people will pay to use your facilities, it will depend on your location and availability. If you happen to be located within a close locality to a railway station, city centre, stadium, etc., then you are probably going to be more in demand and will be able to get more money for your space than if you are based in the middle of nowhere.

It's all about supply and demand, of course! You can set your own pricing if you would like to, the website shows you what the people/parking facilities close to you are charging to help you to offer competitive pricing, or Just Park will suggest a price for you, based on your location and the average pricing in your area for you.

It's pretty clever; their system knows if something is happening locally, that can bump up your price and automatically change the pricing. For example, I'm located within a 5-minute walk of a football stadium, and my pricing automatically increases when there is a big match on, so I can profit from the extra demand for parking spaces during this event, which is really helpful and somewhat clever!

Rent Out Your Home

Not always at home, or perhaps you have a larger property with space for taking on guests, look at listing your property on Airbnb. You can rent out your whole house, or just a room using the popular rental company and can earn up to £7,500 a year, tax-free if you rent out just a room, but be aware that if you rent out your whole house, you will need to pay tax on your earnings. You need to consider that you will have additional expenses such as insurance, cleaning costs, provision of parking, food making facilities for the guests, so you need to look into it properly. Still, thousands of people earn decent money from renting out their homes, so it's worth considering.

Rent Out Your Garden

If you have a big garden (0.5 acres is generally a good minimum space, but could be smaller), additional land, or maybe a field, you could look at renting spaces for campers to pitch up and spend the night! Companies such as Pitchup allow you to list your space on its website to accept bookings from prospective campers.

You need to consider insurance, toilet and washing facilities (which can be rented), which may put a spanner in the works, but you could earn decent money if your area is large enough! You may need planning consent if you are going to convert your space pernamamenty into a camping area, but it can operate for 56 days a year without any planning implications.

You also don't need planning to rent out a mobile caravan in your garden.

You don't need to be in a touristy location for this to be an option; you will likely get more 'business' if you are in a popular area, still, people make money from renting out their garden space to people in city centres, as well as the more scenic locations, pitching a tent in central London, for example, maybe a much cheaper for a tourist, unable to afford a London hotel, and you could even rent out the tents as well!

Take On A Lodger

You may have a spare room that you can monetise by renting it out. Companies such as Spareroom.co.uk offer you the opportunity to advertise your extra room to prospective lodgers, who may need a temporary room, perhaps for work reasons or for a longer-term lodger.

You need to remember that this will mean sharing your home with a stranger, and they will need cooking and cleaning facilities, but if you are all good with that, you could earn hundreds of pounds a month from a room you aren't using! You can earn up to £7,500 a year tax-free as a room renter.

Rent Office Space

Does your house or business have extra room that someone might like to use as an office? Companies such as Office Riders allow you to list your space so that people needing a meeting or workspace can pay to use your facilities!

You don't need to have an actual office to rent out; a small room, outhouse, or even just a kitchen table may be exactly what someone needs to have somewhere to work for the day or longer.

The more facilities you have, the more you can charge. Suppose you have a large room with a big table, tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a printer, ad most certainly decent wifi. In that case, you can easily expect to earn £100+ a day, especially in cities, even just usage of your kitchen table could be worth £30+ a day, so well worth investigating.

Rent Out Your Camper Van

If you have a camper van or caravan, you could look to rent this out to holidaymakers and earn extra money. Companies such as