Grab FREE Water Saving Devices To Save ££

Households across much of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now able to obtain, free of charge, a range of free insulation and water-saving gadgets, to help reduce down water wastage and reduce water bills.

There are several items available, which will depend on your local water authority, as to what is available to you, and includes items such as shower heads, water flow rate regulators, buffaloo cistern bags, (to reduce the amount of water your cistern will hold), plus much more. You can see examples below:

If you're with Bournemouth Water, Bristol, Dwr Cymru, Hafren Dyfrdwy, Jersey Water, Northern Ireland Water, Portsmouth, Severn Trent, South East, South West Water, United Utilities or Yorkshire Water you can apply for the freebies via this Save Water Save Money

Enter your postcode in the 'free water-saving devices' box to see what's available, then enter your details , and you will be sent the items within 28 days. You don't need your account number etc to apply, just your postcode.

If you are supplied by Affinity Water, Cambridge, Essex & Suffolk, Northumbrian, SES Water, South Staffs or Wessex Water you'll need to use Save Water Save Money's savings calculator to access the freebies.

If you are supplied by Anglian, Southern or Thames Water, they're not part of Save Water Save Money's promotion, but you can sometimes get the freebies if you go direct to their websites to bag the freebies.