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In-demand Jobs You Can Work From Home In 2023

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The most popular work from home job roles in the UK

The workplace dynamic is changing with technological advancements and the desire to balance work-life. Here are the top 10 popular remote jobs today.

In recent years, the popularity of working from home has only increased. The working environment has expanded with the help of adaptive communication and video conferencing. Remote work has several benefits, like reducing stress, saving time, and increasing productivity.

Whether you are seeking a flexible work arrangement or career transition, several remote job opportunities exist. You can find remote vacancies for live chat agents at, spanning various industries. So, in the following section, we will delve into some of the most popular remote jobs that have the biggest demand for staff from employers in 2023.

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst uses data to help companies make informed business decisions. Their duties include collecting data, analysing it, spotting patterns in the data, compiling whatever findings they discover, and drafting reports.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative, creative, and technical support to a business in various industries. This industry includes finance, government, legal, health care, etc. VA is one of the most popular remote jobs with a broad pay range because professionals in this field can work in several other industries.

3. Web Developer

Web development is another in-demand remote job. A web developer creates and designs websites for business or personal use. Web developers put their skills to use to build an attractive and functional website using graphic design skills and coding. As a web developer, you must be an expert in programming with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and APIs.

4. Social Media Manager

With most people spending significant time on social media, it’s become increasingly crucial for businesses to have a social media presence. As such, the demand for a social media manager with a knack for social media platforms is rising. A social media manager helps promote businesses and brands through social media marketing.

5. Project Manager

A project manager is someone who deals with tactical duties for company projects. Essentially, a project manager oversees a project till completion. A project manager is a popular remote job with many responsibilities and skills. Some of these responsibilities include tracking deadlines and budgets, delegating duties, ensuring deliverables are completed, and so on.

6. Writer

Writers are another popular type of remote job available today. A writer creates various forms of content for businesses, such as articles, stories, technical manuals, ad copy, and marketing collateral. A writer can be a journalist, blogger, technical writer, or editor who knows how to plan and present content while meeting deadlines and facing a competitive market.

7. Graphics Designer

A graphics designer is an in-demand remote job. The best thing about graphics designing is that you can work as part of a creative team or as an independent contractor. A graphics designer creates a visual concept by combining motion graphics, images, or typography. A graphics designer creates logos, brochures, menus, signs, web pages, and other branding materials for business and personal use.

8. Accountant

Most businesses require an accountant to help plan and achieve financial goals. An accountant also helps ensure the business’s financial documents are in order. Accountants can work remotely these days, making it an in-demand job. The duties of an accountant vary between organisations, but the most common include creating journal entries, handling accounts payable, and preparing invoices.

9. Customer Service Representative

Customers are essential to businesses. Businesses hire customer service representatives to ensure their problems are resolved and customers’ complaints and concerns are listened to and rectified. Customer service representatives can work from home, as they can communicate with customers through online chat, email, and other forms of communication.

10. Recruiter

Recruiting staff for a business can be lengthy and time-consuming. As such, businesses hire recruiters who can work online to ensure their hiring process is consistent with the business timeline. Recruiters use databases and networking to curate a select group of job candidates, interview them, and select the best candidates for the company’s open positions.

These are just some examples of popular jobs you can do remotely. It is worth noting that the available remote jobs you can find varies across industries. And the flexibility of remote working depends on the specific policies and requirements a company puts in place.

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