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Yellow Sticker Finds - 2nd October 2020

This is my yellow sticker haul from Friday 2nd October 2020. This purchase consisted of:

1x Grapes @ 15p - Normal cost £3.00

1x Cake platter @ 30p - Normal cost £6.00

3x Minced beef @ 43p - Normal cost £9.89

1x Crispy chicken & wedges @ 90p - Normal cost £3.00

1x Minced pork @ 18p - Normal cost £3.50

1x Chicken breast crown @ 15p - Normal cost £3.00

1x Free range chicken @ 49p - Normal cost £9.76

2x Asparagus @ 20p - Normal cost £4.00

1x Millionaires tart @ 20p - Normal cost £4.00

1x Autumn flowers selection @75p - Normal cost £15.00

Total paid this trip - £3.55 - Normal price - £61.15 - Total saved £57.60

This will be my last yellow sticker haul for a week or two, as I have a pretty full freezer, and don't want to just buy things for the freezer, when there may well be people who are looking for food, as they are short, and I think it's only fair to pass on the offers, if my food stocks are in a positive position!

The items I bought on this trip, have all gone into the freezer, apart from the flowers! I took part in a market research project recently and was paid in Amazon vouchers, and using this I bought myself a vacuum sealing machine.

I'm using the vacuum sealing machine increase the shelf life of food, and to also reduce as much of the bulky packaging as possible, for the freezer. If I remove the food items from the plastic packs and vacuum seal it, I can:

1. Portion control - Get more from a pack, by splitting the food into smaller pack sizes/portion sizes, meaning we get more meals from the pack, and reduce wastage.

2. Shelf life - the food will last longer if you remove the air from the packaging, as it reduces the chance of bacterial contamination and also reduces the chance of freezer burn, which lowers the quality of the food.

3. Packaging waste - The size of the plastic packs the food comes in, can very often be much larger than the product itself, and this takes up valuable room in the fridge/freezer. By ditching the packaging and putting the food into vacuum bags, and then removing the air and sealing the food, it reduces down the size and therefore the amount of space needed to store it, which is very useful indeed!

Vacuum sealing is very useful for meats and vegetables, with can be used for most food types, apart from very products, such as sauces, as theese are much harder to vaccum seal... Not impossible, but certainly harder...


I always like to confirm that: I picked up these items from the supermarket where I am currently working part time. All items, as per normal, were purchased after having been on display, and not purchased by customers, after the store had closed. I always think it important to mention this, as many people have expressed concern that others may not have had an opportunity to purchase the items I bought. I ensure others have the opportunity to take advantage of deals, and if buying while the store is still open, ( I may finish work before the store closes), I will always ensure that I leave products on the shelf, not take everything, so that others have the opportunity to grab a bargain as well. #Sharingiscaring


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