Yellow Sticker Finds -1st November 2020

My yellow sticker pork joint finds on 1st November 2020

Regular followers of my posts, will note my recent comments stating that I was going to try not to purchase any yellow sticker deals for a while, as I have zero room in the freezer... two guesses how that went!

I mean, come on, who in their right mind would pass up this kind of offer on joints of pork? There is always a bit of room in the freezer right? Who needs baskets in the freezer anyway... take them out and then you have room for 4 big old cuts of meat, enough to keep you in roast dinners for weeks! I'm not sure my girlfriend shares my view on the freezer space, she has that look in her eye that says, I didn't see your yellow sticker fetish mentioned on your dating profile page, when I came across you... It's probably best she hadn't, as I would be growing old alone, me thinks!

So on this trip I managed to grab:

4x Pork roasting joints @ £1.60 - Normal cost £32.79

1x Lemon tart @ 20p - Normal cost £4.00

Total paid this trip - £1.80 - Normal price - £36.79 - Total saved £34.99

As stated, all the meat is now jammed packed into the freezer for use at a later date. I suspect it will make an appearance at Christmas. The lemon tart didn't make it to the next day.. It was consumed with some cream that I purchased, that actually cost 4 times the cost of the tart! It was a added luxury, and worth every penny!