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2100 Free Higgidy Veggie Slices Up For Grabs - Here's How to Grab Yours..

Higgidy gives 2100 purchasers of its veggie treats 100% cashback in its latest tasty promotion!

Higgidy is giving 2100 people who purchase one of their new Veggie Slices £2.40 cashback, which is 100% cashback!

The manufacturer is offering cashback when you purchase one of the following products from either Sainsbury's or Waitrose:

  • Mature Cheddar & Onion Chutney Slice RRP £2.40

  • Sweet Potato Katsu Curry Slice RRP £2.40

  • Spinach, Feta & Red Pepper Slice RRP £2.40

How does the Higgidy cashback work?

It's pretty simple. Use this LINK to go to the promotion page and click on the phone link. You will then be sent/text a unique link to the cashback page. Purchase one of the Higgidy products mentioned from one of the participating retailers, and take a photo of your receipt. Use the cashback page to upload the receipt, and then Higgidy will process this and send you a £2.40 refund to your bank or PayPal account. It's that easy ...

The offer runs until the 31st Of May. However, the offer will end sooner if all the 2100 redemptions occur sooner.


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