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My Yellow Sticker Finds - 28th October 2020

This is my haul of goodies from 28th October. I grabbed these from Morrisons, and the yellow sticker items were put out around 7pm. There was a massive amount of meat available on the day, I had to be very restrained as I could have picked up a lot of chicken, sausages, offal and joints of pork, however many items weren't on final reductions, as they were mainly items with the next days date, and so not as heavily discounted, (Most around 35% off, instead of between 75% and 95% off for the finals), plus my new chest freezer is getting rather full, and although I am trying to have a stash of food for winter, and the ever growing chance of another lockdown, I am having to be more selective on what I buy, as no point having a freezer full of yellow sticker Yorkshire puddings, but nothing to go with them!

I still bought some of the more expensive reductions, as they were still a good deal, and products we use on a regular basis...

I managed to grab:

2x Cajun chicken steaks @ £1.80 - Normal cost £6.00

1x Cumberland sausages @ 12p - Normal cost £2.40

2x Bacon packs @ 18p - Normal cost £3.50

3x Salt & Pepper chicken goujons @ £1.14 - Normal cost £3.75

2x Minced beef @ 54p - Normal cost £10.15

3x Chicken breast fillets @ £2.01 - Normal cost @ £6.75

1x Pork belly bites @ 18p - Normal price £3.50

2x Lamb shoulder fillets @ 42p - Normal price £8.33

1x Pork fillet @ 15p - Normal price £2.97

Total paid this trip - £6.54 - Normal price - £47.35 - Total saved £40.81

The majority of the meat has gone into the freezer, however the cajun chicken will be used for making fajita's, which will serve 3 adults, and be picked at by a fussy 3 year old..

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