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Amazon UK Treasure Truck Returns!

Uncover Amazon's Hidden Gems!

The Amazon Treasure Truck has returned! Urrmmmm what's the Treasure Truck, you may well be asking!?

The Amazon Treasure Truck is a special programme where you sign up and will be text when Amazon are offering some extra special offers, or exclusive deals. You could get a daily text, or just every so often, but very often the deals are amazing value!

Treasure Truck offers have limited availability and can sell out quickly. Because of this, there's a maximum quantity of one Treasure Truck product per customer, per day.

Treasure Truck offers are available to Amazon customers throughout the UK—if you can have items delivered to your home, you can also shop the Treasure Truck deals!

As well as buying online, you may be lucky enough to have an actual Amazon Treasure Truck visit your area! If so you will be text to let you know what the offer is going to be and you can go and meet the truck and grab your bargain, and often you will find Amazon have laid on extra surprises such as bands, food and general festival themed entertainment as well!

The programme was suspended due to Covid, but has now restarted (April 2021), and so if you like a bargain, it's definitely worth signing up!

The programme operates in the UK, and also in the USA as well, but is yet to roll out to other countries at this time.


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