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Fancy A Free Night Out & Maybe Even Get On Telly?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Fancy a FREE night out, that you won't forget in a hurry?

Well here's an idea for you. Why not go and watch a TV show being filmed, or perhaps be a member of the audience on your favourite TV show?!

Yes this is possible! There are several agencies, who will supply you with FREE tickets to be in the audience for some of the biggest TV shows on the telly.

I've personally used SRO Audiences to do this and is can you. Simply go to the SRO website, see what's on offer and apply for tickets. If successful, they will send you the tickets and off you go!

Be aware of any age restrictions, for the show, as you wouldn't want to get there and be denied access.

Also check if there are any specific dress requirements, as again, you can be denied access if they have a dress code, that you are not adhering too, (Plus I had a friend once that went on TV and wore a white t-shirt and sadly, with the lighting and effects, it made her look like she was wearing nothing on top, which was a tad embarrassing!)

You need to remember that a TV show that has a 30 minute run time, may actually take hours to film, and so factor this in, you could be in for a full night, as once filming has started, you are not allowed to leave, for continuity reasons!

One final thing, most shows will not allow the use of any recording equipment. Even phones are not allowed to be taken into the studio, so if you don't want to be denied access, leave the phone at home, or in the car!

SRO, have tickets to some of the biggest shows, ranging from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, to Loose Women, so they really do give a wide range of opportunities to, potentially, get yourself on the telly!


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