Blue Collar Workers Market Research, Conducted in W1, London On Tues 23rd July 2019

    Blue Collar Workers Market Research, Conducted in W1, London On Tues 23rd July 2019

    London W1 Tuesday 23rd July

    6pm - 8pm (2 hours)

    Female 20 - 40 years £50

    815pm - 1015pm (2 hours) Male 40+ years £60 Blue Collar Workers London W1

    (incentives via BACs 2 weeks after research)

    Please send your answers to the following questions, to the email address at the bottom.


    Contact number



    Home postcode

    Your occupation & industry

    What is your highest level of education?

    Are you or is anyone in your family an activist in any political party?

    Are you CURRENTLY registered to vote?

    Did you vote in the 2017 parliamentary election?

    In the 2017 Parliamentary election which party did you vote for?

    In the 2016 referendum on UK membership in the European Union did you vote LEAVE or REMAIN?



    Which of these sources do you regularly use to consume news and information?  



    RadioMagazines or journals

    Online news aggregator (i.e. Google News, Apple News)

    Social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram)



    None of these

    Approximately how often do you check and read the news?

    Multiple times per day


    Between daily and weekly



    Less often than monthly

    Do you subscribe to a delivered or online newspaper or magazine?

    Which of these ways of engaging in current events apply to you?

    Subscribed to a delivered or online newspaper or magazine

    Donated to a magazine, newspaper, journal, or radio station

    Participated in a protest/rally/march on an issue of concern to you

    Written a letter, made a call, sent an email to an elected official on an issue of concern to you

    Attended a political event

    Signed a petition on an issue of concern to you

    Responded to an advocacy organisation’s call to action  

    Donated to a political or ideological cause, or to an issue campaign

    Among friends and family, how often would you say you talk about current events?  

    All of the time



    Not that often



    Which of these social issues would you consider yourself to be an expert on or have very strong opinions about?

    Foreign Policy



    Health Care


    Women’s rights

    Please email all answers to

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