Bulb Energy - Get Cheaper Energy - Plus Get £50 On Us!

Are you paying too much for your energy? I was! I hadn't realised how much I could save by simply switching to a new supplier and figured that the process was going to be long and troublesome, and so didn't bother.

I decided that I needed to look around at other suppliers, as my current supplier sent me an email letting me know that my energy prices were going up again!

So I did a search on several price comparison sites, and they all came back to me with Bulb, being the cheapest for my situation. 

So I signed up and I'm pleased that I did! I'm £300 a year better off now than I was with my old supplier and that's not an ignorable amount of a saving. It's around £30 a month cheaper than my previous supplier and so the claims of being £300 a year better off, is most certainly true in our case. I'm interested to see the savings during the winter, as last years energy bills were truly shocking!

Bulb dealt with everything for me. I signed up online and they did all the switching for me. I had no downtime, the day of the switch came, (took around 3 weeks total), and the lights went on and off as normal and that was that, we had switched!

I'm extra happy that Bulb are a green energy supplier, and so I can rest assured that I am doing my bit for the environment as well saving money on my energy...

If you are interested in switching, then use our referral code link to get a quote, and if you decide to go ahead and switch, Bulb will give you an extra £50 of credit for signing up through us

You can get a quote via our link: HERE


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