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Got A Business Email Address? If So, You Could Get £50 For 1 Minutes Work!

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Ordinarily, if someone told me that if I simply signed up to a free business community page, didn't have to do anything at all, and would be sent a £50 gift card for my time, I would simply ignore it, as if it sounds like a scam, its a scam right... Well, I'm pleased I listened about this one because it isn't!

Indeed this is a genuine offer, and I know it's genuine because I signed up, and I received my £50 gift card, and the £50 is happily sitting in my Amazon account, ready to be spent!

So what is this offer?

This is a special referral offer for a group of over 2 million industry experts who help connect IT buyers and influencers with IT providers via an online community page.

You must work for a business to sign up for the community page and have a business-orientated email address to participate in this offer. By this, I mean you must have an email such as rather than a 'throwaway' email such as

So how does this work? You simply sign up to the community page, which takes about 1 minute to do, using your business email address. You enter your name, the company you work for, and the type of industry you work in, and they will then check that you work for a genuine business, and if so, they will reward you with a £50 gift card for signing up! for

You don't need to do anything further; you don't need to use the community page, log in every so often etc.; you can simply sign up and forget about it if you want to!

If accepted, you will receive a gift card to your business email address, and you can then redeem this with various retailers (mine came in 1 week).

It's an IT-themed community, so I guess that if you work as a supermarket till worker, you are less likely to be accepted than if you work in an office using IT software etc., but for the sake of a 1-minute signup, it's worth applying!

You need to use our referral link to get your £50 reward, so use this LINK to sign up. Ignore the promo code box; it's not relevant. There isn't a closing date shown at present for applications.


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