Be A Savvy Shopper This Christmas, Via Cash Back

Chances are that you have started thinking about buying your 2019 Christmas gifts, heck some of you may well have already finished, I applaud you if you have! But if not, chances are that you will be making some purchases over the coming weeks, and so now is most certainly a good time to be thinking about how you can make some savings on your spending, and cash back apps and websites are a really good start!

Online Buying

It’s cold and wet, and you want to avoid the crowds while Christmas shopping, I get that, who hasn’t shopped online from the comfort of your sofa, with a cup of tea in hand? You browse, you find what you want to purchase, and you buy it… fab, that was easy, BUT wait, did you just spend more than you needed to? If you didn’t use a cashback site, then you just overspent!

So, what is a cashback site? Basically, this is a site, or app, that you visit before you make an online purchase. You then use the sites navigation to find a link to the website that you want to buy from, you then click on the link and that takes you to the retailer. Anything you then buy from the site gives the cashback site a referral commission, which they then share with you!

So, as an example, you’ve found something on the M&S website that you like. Don’t buy it straight away! Open the cash back site in your browser, or open the app on your phone, then in the search box search for M&S. This will then give you a link to the M&S website. Click that link, and this then opens the M&S website for you, and you can then find the product you wanted and checkout as normal.

So you have now ordered what you were looking for, and have also earned cash back!

As I write this, using TopCashback, which is the best cash back site out there, a new M&S online customers earns 10% cash back at M&S, so £10 in every £100 you have spent, is back in your pocket! Returning customers would have earned 4% cashback, (Although nothing to stop you from registering as a new M&M customer for the extra cashback!)

It really is that simple, there are thousands of retailers on the site, and if you are buying online this is the way to purchase!

You can join for free via our referral link and doing so will allow you free access and also a £5 Amazon voucher as a welcoming gift, (once you have earned £10 of cashback)

App Based Cash Back

TopCashback is also available as app, which is great, but is still mainly for online purchases, so what if you are braving the high street? There are a few options for earning money on the high street, here are my favourite two:

1. Airtime Rewards – This is a little different. Cashback earned via this app, is paid to your app account, which once you hit £5, you can withdraw. Rather than paying you cash, these guys make the payment to your mobile phone account, (Hence the Airtime name), reducing down your mobile phone bill. It works on most networks and both pay monthly and pay as you go services. If you don’t pay your own bill (Eg. company phone), then the app allows you to gift your balance to someone else’s mobile, so in my case I could pay money off of my fiancées or daughters phone bill, instead of mine, so I save money on their bills.

It’s simple to set up, download the app, add your credit card and debit card details to the app, (Yes it is secure and safe to do this), and then whenever you shop at a retailer, who have partnered with Airtime Rewards, and use one of the cards you have added to the app to pay, you will earn cash back. It works in nearly 100 big name retailers such as Debenhams, Boots & Argos as well as restaurants such as Zizzi’s, TGI Fridays, ASK, Papa Johns and many more. You can even earn cashback at supermarkets such as Waitrose and very recently Morrisons was added, and until 4th December, you can earn 10% cashback in Morrisons, on a purchase of £40 or more, (Not fuel!). Perfect if you are doing a monthly/weekly food shop, present buying or stocking up on tins of Quality Street for Christmas!

You can join for free via the following referral link, and using my link will get you a 50p sign up bonus, plus an extra £1 if you used the service within a week. The link is and then use promo code: Q8FWLDQB

2. The final one is ZipZero, which is brand new in the UK. The concept is simple, download the app, register with them for free, buy anything from ANY retailer that gives you a regular till receipt , then scan the receipt using the app, and you will earn 1% cashback on everything you scan, up to a monthly value of £50 in cashback! The cashback can then be withdrawn from your ZipZero account, and then not unlike the Airtime Rewards, you can then use this to pay a bill.

In the case of ZipZero you can allocate the money to any of your monthly regular bills, such as: Gas, Electric, Phone, Council Tax, Water etc. You can pay all the money towards one bill or split it between different bills if you want to. It’s that simple.

At 1% cashback, I wouldn’t go booking an exotic holiday based on your savings, (If you do make sure you book it through TopCashback!), but it’s still the potential to earn up to £600 a year in cash back!

You can download the app via:

So that’s 3 ways to save some hard earned cash this Christmas, and of course, all year round!

The potential savings you could make are untapped...

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