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CheckoutSmart RRP Waiting List Opens!

CheckoutSmart RRP Wait List Open

For those people, like myself, who regularly use the cash back apps, for grabbing supermarket bargains, CheckoutSmart may well be one you use.

It's certainly in my top 3 cash back apps, and so I was very interested to see that the service has opened up a waiting list to join the CheckoutSmart RRP scheme.

The RRP scheme is a little different to the normal system, as it offers additional products to try, all between 50% and 100% off the normal price.

The scheme requires you to submit an honest review of the products, via the manufacturers website, which is a bit more of a faff than the regular system, but does open you up to lots more offers, so is well worth the extra effort!

The scheme is very popular, and they only have a limited number of people that are able to participate, and so them opening up the waiting list to join, is kind of a big thing!

If you want to get your name down on the list, use this LINK and sign up, using the same email and password as you use for the regular CheckoutSmart programme.

Make sure you have ticked that you are happy to receive marketing communications from the service, otherwise you won't receive notifications inviting you to the programme!

I wouldn't hang around, the waiting list is likely to close pretty quickly, as the demand is expected to be high, to be considered for taking part!


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