CheckoutSmart - Discounts on your Groceries & Free Food!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

CheckoutSmart is an app based service that gives you cash back on a variety of grocery products, at your local supermarket..

The app updates frequently offering a a wide range of different products. Some of the discounts will be from brands you may already know, but the app is a popular way for brands to highlight new products being introduced into your local supermarket.

Discount amounts vary, but it's certainly not unusual to see discounts around ther 50% mark, sometimes even 100%!

It pays to study the app before, or during shopping to see what items are on offer and adjust your buying appropriately. 

Once you have purchased the items, open the app, select the items you wish to claim for, take a photo of your receipt and upload it. Once the receipt has been verified, CheckoutSmart will then add the cash back to your account and then once your balance reaches £5 you can then request payment. Payments under £19.99 are subject to a 5% withdrawal fee. Payments over £19.99 incur no fee.  Cash back is paid via Paypal.


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