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Grab Free Groceries From Green Jinn Today!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

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GreenJinn, the discounted grocery cash back app, offers loads of heavily discounted and even free groceries, that you can grab while out shopping.

The app updates on a regular, more or less weekly basis, offering a range of different grocery products. Green Jinn tend to focus on the more healthy, and higher quality grocery products, it tends to avoid the mainstream 'junk food' genre of products.

Current freebies include:

They also have some heavily discounted items such as:

You will also find discounted general, more mainstream, groceries as well, including items such as the below, meaning you can save on items you were going to buy anyway!

Currently you can find offers available from:

The app allows you to filter the offers by retailer, so if you are going to Tesco, for example, you can filter the app to only show you the products available from Tesco. This makes it easier to browse the app when in the store, looking for special offers, and also if you are super organised, you can browse the offers before you get to the store, and plan what you are going to purchase.

You can also filter by product product type, so if there are specific products you are, or aren't interested in, you can filter those as well.

Discount amounts vary from product to product, discounts vary from 10%, all the way up to 100%! The free products are less frequent, but it's unusual for there not to be at least a couple of free items on the app, at any given time.

As per many of the other shopping apps, in order to get the cash back offer, you select the items you want in-store, pay the normal price, and then using the app, find the item you are claiming for, and add the product to the cart. The app will then prompt you to take a photo of your receipt, and this will then upload to Green Jinn for verification. Once the receipt has been verified, GreenJinn will credit the cash to your Green Jinn account. 

Green Jinn has a very low cash out threshold, of just £1.50, and once you hit £1.50, you can then withdraw your cash back, via PayPal , or direct to your bank account, which normally happens in just a few days.

We have teamed up with GreenJinn to offer new users of the app a welcome £1 bonus, to be you started! Simply use our SIGN UP LINK to grab your Quid, or use the promo code: thepennypincher in the reward section of the app..

The video below will give you a little more information on the app, and procedure.

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