Top Cashback - The Big Daddy Of Cash back Sites!

Top Cashback - The UK's largest cash back provider

Top Cashback is the UK's most generous cash back website. With Top Cashback, members can earn cash back on their online and sometimes in-store shopping. There are frequent special deals for new members and also some great deals for existing members as well, such as the spend £5 on anything and get £2.50 cash back, 1 day only deals!

So how does it work? If you are looking to place an order for something online, be it a Pizza or a fridge freezer, see if the seller is listed on the site. If it is, click on the link to the seller via the Top Cashback website. This will then redirect you to the seller’s website and then anything you purchase will be tracked by Top Cashback and you will be rewarded with cash back into your Top Cashback account. So basically you more or less shop like normal, just go to the Top Cashback website first, rather than going straight to the seller’s website and click through to the seller from there, and that’s it, you are earning cash back on something you were buying anyway!

Every seller offers a different cash back percentage, often higher percentages if you are a first-time visitor to the seller, and the amount of time that it takes for the cash back to be available to withdraw can vary from just a few days to a few weeks and in some cases a few months. The Top Cashback site will show you how much you have being processed and how much is available to withdraw.

So how do Top Cashback make money? Well every time you click onto the seller’s website, via Top Cashback, and make a purchase, the seller will pay Top Cashback a referral fee. Top Cashback will then share a percentage of the referral fee with you, and that’s the cash back element. Top Cashback’s 2017 accounts show that they had incoming revenue of over £80 Million pounds, so it gives you an idea of the amount of cash back transactions being processed by the site!

So, what sort of websites can you earn cash back from you ask? Well more or less anything and everything! There are literally thousands of seller’s signed up to the Top Cashback site and so chances are very high that the seller you want to buy from is part of the scheme. The smaller the seller, the lesser the chance they will be listed, so the chances of the little shop round the corner from you being listed is unlikely, but your local supermarket, takeaways, (Especially via Just Eat, who offer some cracking deals on takeaways, especially at the weekend), energy providers , etc, are very likely to be listed.

It’s not just retail stores that are listed. There are hundreds of insurance companies, holiday companies, energy providers and many more similar seller’s listed on the site, and you will often find some great deals advertised on Top Cashback to give you a great incentive to switch broadband provider, energy provider etc, via Top Cashback, and the cash back I’ve seen for doing so, can be from £20 to a couple of hundred pounds, depending on the type of product you are switching to/joining.

All in all, if you only sign up to one cash back site, it really should be Top Cashback! The massive number of sellers and offers on the site. Simply can’t be beaten!

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