Shopmium - Grocery Discount App & Free Pringles!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

In a similar way to the larger CheckoutSmart system, the app allows you to view a range of products, and by clicking on the product, it will show you the discount available and which supermarkets the discounts are applicable to. You can then buy the products and request a refund of the discount amount.

The range of products can vary from week by week, sometimes there are lots, other times far fewer products available, but there are generally a decent range of products to choose from.

Discounts vary from around 20%, all the way up to 100% off.  

To get your discount, you need to buy the products on the app at full price in the supermarket. Once you have your receipt, the app will ask you to scan the barcodes of the products you are claiming for, (via the app), take a photo of your receipt and then upload this. Once this has been done, Shopmium will then validate the purchase, normally within 48 hours, and then they will send your discount, as a PayPal payment to you. Unlike CheckoutSmart, there is no minimum payment amount, and they usually send you the refund quickly, which is handy!

Shopmium offer some great offers for new subscribers to the app, (which is free by the way),

Get a FREE tub of Ben & Jerry's when you join Shopmium (Which is free to join!)
Get a FREE tub of Pringles when you join Shopmium

and as I write this, if you join Shopmium via my 'special link' you will not only qualify for discounts on groceries, they will also reward you with a free tub Pringles as a awelcoming offer! Can't be bad huh! Here is the ' special link' if you do want to join.. Join here


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