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Shopmium - The Grocery Cashback App - Free Chocolate When You Sign Up!

Updated: Jul 29

Shopmium is a supermarket cashback app. The mobile app offers a range of exclusive cashback deals you can grab on everyday supermarket purchases, and you could walk away with heavily discounted grocery products or even free stuff!

Discover how Shopmium can save you up to 100% on a wide range of supermarket products to help stretch your food budget and discover new family favourites!

Shopmium is a supermarket cashback app. The mobile app offers a range of exclusive cashback deals you can grab on everyday supermarket purchases, and you could walk away with heavily discounted grocery products or even free stuff!

Like most supermarket cashback apps, which work similarly, the free app will show you a range of products from a wide range of popular brands that you can grab a cashback discount on. By clicking on the product, you will be shown the discount available and which supermarkets the discounts apply to. You then buy the eligible products you want, and then via the app, you click on the 'request my cashback' button, and you’ll then be prompted to scan the product barcode of the items you have purchased and take a picture of your receipt and upload the receipt photo to the app. ​ The cashback claim will then be checked, and once it's been confirmed, you'll be sent your cashback amount to your PayPal account or bank account via a bank transfer within 3 to 4 business days. ​ New deals and products are added to the app weekly, sometimes more often. Discount amounts vary. Featured products offer discounts from as little as 10% cashback, but it's not unusual to find cashback amounts as high as 50%, or some exclusive products may even be free, giving you 100% cashback! ​ The cashback offers fall into a range of genres; you may find offers on pet food, beauty products, baby food, personal care products, and exclusive offers on everyday food products. Shopmium has partnered with various supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Iceland & Ocado, as well as other stores such as Co-op, Home Bargains, Nisa, Boots, WHSmith, B&M, BP, Booths & more.

The significant benefit of using these types of apps is that you no longer need to worry about paper coupons, which the UK, compared to the USA, hasn't really embraced; instead, you'll get ever-changing deals and free products, which may be everyday purchases you were going to make anyway from local stores, such as supermarket shopping, or via an online store when online shopping for groceries, all via your mobile device, which is an easy way to save money!

You can also use the app to store your store loyalty cards within, so you have them handy when shopping without routing around in your wallet to find them!

Shopmium offers promo/referral codes that can be used when signing up for Shopmium or within seven days of registration. The referral codes allow Shopmium users to earn £3 for each friend they refer who requests cashback. This means you could refer members of your family or friends, and you'll receive £3 of extra referral credits that you can use to put towards getting more cashback on the deals on the app when they sign up and make their first cashback request. They also get a good deal, as after they have made their first cashback claim, they can then claim a free gift from Shopmium as a welcome gift. Currently, the free welcome gift is a bag of share-size Cadbury's buttons, which you purchase and then claim back as 100% cashback. Enter the promo/referral code during registration or in the app after signing up.

Shopmium and GreenJinn both offer a referral program, but Checkoutsmart doesn't have this facility.

Shopmium users have the option of giving feedback on the products they've tried, which is an excellent way to provide feedback to the brands who fund the discounts, but this isn't a requirement for getting the exclusive deals, and if you do leave feedback, it doesn't have to be positive feedback, just an honest review of what you thought of the product, negative reviews have their place on the app as well!

The more products you buy and grab cashback on, the higher the chance you'll be upgraded to a silver and then gold Shopmium member. Gold members get offered faster cashback payouts and more benefits and offers, not to mention a freebie on your birthday, usually a box of chocolates. You have to keep up with making more frequent cashback claims, or you'll be downgraded to a lower membership tier and have to up your game to get back into gold again!

The downside to all these types of cashback apps that give cashback on grocery products is that you may spend money you didn't want/intend to spend! It's OK if you're getting a discount on something you were going to buy anyway, but if it's not something you would typically buy, and you're not getting it for free, then the deal is costing you money! If, of course, you buy the product and can earn cashback on something you wanted to buy anyway or on something you know you'll use, then it's free money!

The manufacturers/ brands pay these supermarket cashback apps to promote their products, often new products that the companies want to increase shoppers' awareness of, and that's why they discount the products; it's a way to get you to try a product you might not have usually tried, hopefully, leave a review for other potential new customers to see, and they hope you'll repurchase the product, so it's cheap advertising! Not only that, the demand from the cashback apps users for that product will also increase the product's sales within the supermarket, which in turn may lead to increased orders from the supermarket for the product, which is good for the brand as it brings in more business and increases the likelihood that the brand's products will be favourably looked upon by the supermarkets buying team, so it's more involved than just giving people a discount!

On the whole, Shopmium is a great way to save money and try different products you might otherwise not have tried. My main gripe is that it's hard to see what discount a product is being given at without having to click on the product first; rivals such as Checkoutsmart make it very easy to see the discount/cashback being offered, which I personally prefer; however, again this is likely done for a reason, which is, I suspect, that if you have to click onto a product to see the offer, then you'll be more likely to get a better view of the product and what it is, rather than skimming the offers for the best discount, so it does make sense! ​

If you'd like to join Shopmium, and frankly, I can't think of a reason why someone wouldn't, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or via the Shopmium website. If you'd like to grab a free first-time welcome gift, please use our Shopmium referral code of G2AG3 or our referral link.

Make sure you use all three UK supermarket cashback apps to maximise your cashback saving - Shopmium, GreenJinn and Checkoutsmart.

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