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Citizen Me - Earn Little But Often With This Quick Survey App

Citizen Me is a survey-based app available on both IOS and Android phones.

The app will show you a list of available surveys. Some are just for fun surveys, and some you will be paid to answer.  

The surveys are super fast to complete, usually no more than around six questions. The payment for answering is low, often 10p, but they add up, and you are paid immediately to your PayPal account.

That said, I've had surveys come through for several pounds. You can earn more than just a few pence.

Surveys are pretty frequent, mostly daily, and occasionally you get clusters of related/themed questions to come through over the space of a few hours, and this will help to earn a little more.

You'll not get rich from this app, but being how fast they are to answer, and the immediate payment to your Paypal account is useful, as it does add up after a while!

You can grab the free app to use app HERE. Initially, you'll need to spend a few minutes entering your information and demographics, as it's this information they use to decide which app user to send specific questions to; after all, there isn't much point sending me, a man, a survey on my thoughts on sanitary pads, as I won't have a clue, so the demographics filter the surveys to the correct people!

You won't get rich, but it's still a decent survey app to earn a little extra cash while sitting on the sofa!


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