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Why The 'Don't Pay UK' Campaign Could Cause You 6 years Of Grief!

The 'Don't Pay UK' Campaign.

You are no doubt aware of the Don't Play campaign, which aims to have 1 Million UK bill payers cancel their direct debits for their energy supplies, from the 1st of October 2022, as a way to try to invoke a type of civil disobedience, by refusing to pay for gas and electricity, when the suppliers are making record profits, while the bill payers are getting further and further into debt.

Now I want to say that I'm disgusted as much as everyone else with the frankly outrageous price increase in fuel, projected to make its most significant impact in October, and I also think that something needs to be done, whether that's mass protests and demonstrations, sending millions of letters to the energy companies or demanding the Government step in to help out, but the video below shows why I think that the 'Don't Pay' campaign is reckless, dangerous and will likely affect participants for years to come.

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