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Earn £20 In 5 Minutes With This Referral Hack - But Be QUICK!!

Updated: May 25, 2022

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A super fast way to earn £20!

Chase, the UK banking service, are offering a free £20 bonus for signing up for its free banking service!

*To grab the deal, you need to use our referral LINK and then download the Chase app.

You then need to enter your personal details and take a photo of your ID, so that Chase can confirm your identity (this is for money laundering regulation reasons), and then once you have the app and registration is completed, add £20 to the account. Once you add £20 to the account, you will be rewarded with a £20 bonus payment to your account, and there you go, you just made £20!

You can then refer your friends and family to the app, and can earn £20 for each person you refer that completes the steps I just mentioned! You can refer 20 people, so can make £400 via the scheme.

YOU HAVE TO BE QUICK! It appears that you need to have registered and sent your £20 to the app, by the 1st of June!

If you don't use our referral link and just download the app and register, then go to the Rewards section on the app, click See rewards, click on the referral image and enter the code uB226qvi and that will activate your £20 bonus reward.

Needless to say, you can withdraw your £20 deposit again, plus your extra £20!

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, so is a very quick and simple way to earn a few extra pounds in these tough times!

*The Penny Pincher will earn a £20 bonus for every successful referral. This referral fee is used to part-fund our blog and website costs, and possibly may also be used to pay for a cheeky pizza to keep us fueled up..


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