Fancy a Free £5 Uber Eats Voucher Weekly?

Weekly 7 - Free £5 Uber Eats Voucher Weekly!

Grab a FREE £5 Uber Eats Voucher Weekly

Low6, a gambling site, are offering a free £5 Uber Eats voucher, every week, for participating in it's free football score guessing game, Weekly7.

You simply guess the score of 7 different football matches and hit submit, and the voucher is then offered to you immediately.

If you do actually guess all 7 scores correctly, you could also win a share of a £1M prize!

You then have to spend the voucher within the week, or it's no longer valid, but can then play the game again the next week and play again, for another free voucher!

The game registration is free, (You must be over 18), you just need to sign up to play. They do check your details against the electoral role, and if you aren't found, you will need to email over ID, which is quick and painless. After that you are all set!

You will need a Uber Eats account to take part, and can grab a free account HERE and use our referral link of eats-alb7486ue and you can also grab an £10 saving off your first £15+ order, for either takeaway food delivery, or grocery order.

I haven't been able to find a end date to the offer, but will do an update if and when I do! I can confirm that the voucher works, and its a genuine deal... a free fiver every week!