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Filling Up The Car Will Be Cheaper This Weekend!

Asda fuel price war at the pumps

Asda fuel price war at the pumps..

Asda is dropping the cost of unleaded and diesel by up to 2p a litre, sparking a price war, with Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrison's reducing prices or planning to shortly.

The price cut means the cost of supermarket fuel, is going to be dipping back to prices, not seen since April 2019.

Asda are offering a deal to reward shoppers who spend well in store, knocking 10p per litre off of fuel for any customers that spend over £60.

For a typical 50 litre car, motorists could save £5 every time they fill their car up.

Luke Bosdet, AA fuel price spokesman said: "Asda’s price cut comes in response to other supermarkets offering money off fuel this weekend but tying those savings to spending in-store first.

"This works well for families but excludes single, young and low-income shoppers who struggle to spend £60 in one go. Asda’s pump price cut is fairer for all."

Research from the AA found that over a third of drivers in the UK feel ripped off by money-off fuel vouchers.

The study found that while 34 per cent would go down the voucher route to get access to the better savings 35 per cent agreed with the statement "I feel manipulated by fuel savings that are tied to how much I spend in the supermarket".

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