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Four Ways You Can Save Money At Morrisons This Week!

Four ways you can save money shopping at Morrisons this week; actually, it's five, but who's counting!?

Maximise Your Morrisons Savings With These 4 Tips

Christmas is coming, and you may be looking at making a supermarket order soon to stock up on your festive eats, so this seems to be an excellent time to look at ways you can save money at Morrisons this week!

We've found four ways that you can save at Morrisons, so take a look:

  1. Karma Cashback offers a generous 3.5% Cashback rate when buying a Morrisons gift card. To get this deal, you need to have a Karma Cashback account (register for free HERE), and then you simply purchase a Morrisons gift card for your desired amount (the gift cards are valid for a year, so they don't need to be used immediately), and the gift card is then available for you to use within around 5 minutes, with the cashback hitting your Karma Cashback account immediately, which you can use to put towards another gift card, or can withdraw it to your bank account. Morrisons gift cards can't be used online but can be used in all Morrisons stores (apart from Morrisons Daily stores). This is the best deal to earn cashback shopping in a physical store rather than buying online.

  2. Morrisons are offering a £10 voucher to use on your next Morrisons purchase when you spend over £80 and use the stores click and collect service. You must place your order via the Morrisons website and use promo code VOU8313728 at checkout. £10 off £80 voucher terms: Voucher valid on Click & Collect orders between 12th December and 30th December 2022. £80 minimum spend applies. Vouchers cannot be redeemed against: Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Fireworks, Postage, Alcohol, Stamps, Infant Milk/Formula, Gift Coupons, Gift Cards, Lottery Online Game and Instant Tickets, ‘Top-up’ Mobile Phone Cards, E Top-up, Digital Christmas Saver Stamps, delivery charges and carrier bag charges.

  3. You can grab £4 cashback on a Morrisons order using the cashback app Super. The app rewards you with the cashback for your purchase the next day! There is a minimum £40 order value for the cashback reward, but you can combine this deal with the click-and-collect offer above, so spend over £80, and you'll get your free £10 voucher directly from Morrisons and the extra £4 from Super!

  4. Using the above deal, you can get another £10 of cashback when placing your Morrisons order online. New Super app users can receive a £10 welcome bonus by spending £10 or more, which is added to the cashback earned on the purchase and can be withdrawn the next day, so buy today and tomorrow and withdraw £14, all thanks to a Morrisons purchase! You can download the Super app HERE.

Don't forget to check the Shopmium, CheckoutSmart and GreenJinn supermarket cashback apps when shopping in Morrisons, as between the 3 apps you will find discounted groceries, possibly even some freebies!


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