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Grab £5 Of FREE Milk & More Credit - Free Breakfast!

Tesco announces that they are price matching Aldi from this week..
Milk & More are offering new customers a £5 credit on their account. plus a free bottle of orange juice!

The home delivery food retailer, Milk & More, are offering new customers £5 of free Milk & More credit, to put towards your first order. Not only that they are also throwing a free bottle of orange juice into the deal as well, with your first delivery!

Milk & More are a home delivery service, who work on the traditional British 'Milkman' style delivery, delivering milk, dairy, bread, cakes, fruit, vegetables, and more to your doorstep. The service isn't available everywhere, but it does cover a decent percentage of the country, and I've certainly made good use of it's service, during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it's so easy to order your groceries, online, and them have them on the doorstep, first thing in the morning!

If you would like to take advantage of the deal, simply register on the Milk & More website and add items to your cart. Use the promo code R14HS1 and the £5 credit will come off your bill. The free orange juice won't show up on your bill/checkout, but will magically arrive with your order.

There is no minimum order for this deal, and no delivery charge, and like me, you may well just add as close to £5 worth of goods, to the cart, as you can get and then pay the difference, (I paid just 82p for my first delivery), or you may well stock up and fill the fridge!

You don't have to sign up for a regular delivery, you can simply select the one off delivery option, so have no further obligation to purchase anything else, although, again like me, you may well like to take advantage of the convenience of a regular delivery of groceries, or may wish to set up this service for a friend or relative who are struggling to get a regular supply for groceries due to self isolating or transportation issues.

Anyway you look at it, £5 of free groceries isn't to be sniffed at!

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