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Home Tester Club - Free Products To Test & Review

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Free Products To Test, Keep & Review

The Home Tester Club is an online community offering consumers the opportunity to apply to test a range of products, at home, to keep and then review.

There are all sorts of different products, you can apply to test, such as cosmetics, creams and gels, with other items such as food, drinks, fragrances, kitchen equipment, hair car, detergents, baby products and much more!

You register on the site, then head to the test section, where you will see all the products currently available to test. When you see one that you would like to try, click the register now button, and you will then be asked to confirm your shipping information is correct and may be asked some questions to see if you are suitable for the product being offered.

The questions are generally pretty straightforward, for example for a food product, you may be asked if you have any food allergies, are you vegan, or following any specific diet at present, so they can ensure that you are matched to a product that is suitable to your individual circumstances.

Once the system has enough people registered, it will select a number of applicants to test the product. Not everyone will be selected for every test, they have specific requirements, that not everyone will be suitable for, or they may be limited to the number of products it has to supply.

If you do get selected, you will be sent an email to let you know that you have been successful for testing the product, and the product will be shipped to you, normally within a couple of weeks.

You then will test the product, according to the timescale and directions they are looking for, so it might be a face cream that they want you to try for a month, or it could be a drink, that you would consume as a one-off. Every test is different, but when you view the products available to test, this information will explain what is involved before you apply.

Once you have tested the product, you will be asked to leave a review, on the Home Tester Club website, or possibly on a separate online reporting site. You are asked to leave HONEST reviews, the brands don't want you to just give them lip service and praise, they want to know what you actually thought of the product, if you liked it, say so, if you hated it, again tell them, and tell them why! The brands pay the Home Tester Club, to distribute the samples and collect feedback because they want to know what consumers actually think of the product, and if the testers hate a new product that's been devised, then they won't launch it, saving them potentially millions of pounds of losses, so an honest review is super important!

You won't be paid to participate in the product test, but equally, you don't get charged for the product, and although this isn't a particular benefit if you are just testing a can of drink, it does become more beneficial if you have been sent something a bit more exciting, such as expensive perfume, or kitchen equipment!

I've personally had a number of freebies from this product testing site, and am still using some of them months on from the testing, and as this is one of the bigger and better testing sites, with over 3 million people registered in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico, you tend to get the bigger brands using the service, to get feedback on current and future product ranges, and so well worth taking a look at what's on offer!

You can register, for free using the button below


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