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Save Money Using the Honey Browser Extension

Above is a video walk through on how the Honey system works

Honey, owned by PayPal, is a browser add on based discount and cash back system, designed to save you money on your purchases using a catalogue of discount codes and also earn money by rewarding you with 'Gold', which can be redeemed for shopping vouchers.

So what's a browser add on? This is a piece of software that attaches to your internet browser, monitoring the websites you go to. I know that sounds a bit scary, but this sort of software can be pretty useful!

In this case, Honey, is a piece of software that will monitor the websites you go to, in order to make a purchase. The software sits quietly in the background, and then when it detects a website that it can save you money at, it will pop up on your browser and offer to automatically try a selection of known discount codes, that may reduce down the cost of your order for you.

The system will automatically apply discount codes to the promotion box on the website and if it finds a discount code that makes your purchase cheaper, it will then apply it to your cart, making you a saving on your order.

The system also awards you 'Gold' which is a points based system, rewarding you points for spending from a specific retailer, a form of cash back. The cash back points are applied to your 'Honey Gold' account and once you hit 1400 points, you can then redeem them for a £10 gift voucher, with vouchers available for spending at a wide range of UK retailers.

It's a decent way to save yourself a few pounds while shopping online. Not every site will earn you 'Gold' and not every site will have vouchers available, but it's certainly an easy way to search for discounts, without having to mess about with numerous voucher code sites, and is backed up with the might of PayPal, giving the system a sense of professionalism and security. Costs nothing to join and is another decent way of saving a few pounds here and there...

You can join up, for free HERE

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