Honey - Browser Based Cash Back & Points Service

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Honey is a very useful browser extension that automatically  looks for and applies discount codes at a large number of websites in the UK and abroad.

The system runs in the background, with just a little icon in your browser tool bar to remind you that it's there, and this will stay quiet until you go to checkout on a website.

At that point the system prompts you, by stating that discounts are available for this site, and asks if you would like it to apply discount codes to the coupon code box on the website you are buying from, and if yes, it then checks to see if they will work for you, and if so it will apply the best discount to your order for you. Very simple system and has saved me many pounds on purchases over the last couple of years!

It also offers cash back on transactions for some websites as well which is an added bonus, but if you are clicking through the website via another cash back site such as Top Cashback, Honey will then remove the Top Cashback cash back element and replace it with the Honey cashback. Needless to say you can only get cash back from one cash back service at a time!

​It doesn't always find a working code for you, but will try it's best! Certainly far easier than spending ages searching through the discount code websites!

Often the savings show in $ as this is an American system, but the discounts and cash back will come through as UK £


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