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Iceland/Food Warehouse Offers All Over 60's 10% Off Every Tuesday

Iceland/Food Warehouse Offers All Over 60's 10% Off Every Tuesday

Iceland's Over-60s Discount: A Lifeline for Elderly Shoppers

Iceland, the renowned British frozen food retailer, has been offering a remarkable discount scheme for its elderly customers since May 2022. The initiative, dubbed the "Over-60s Discount," has proven to be a lifeline for many senior citizens grappling with the escalating cost of living crisis.

The Discount Details

Every Tuesday, customers aged 60 and above can enjoy a 10% discount on their entire shopping basket at any Iceland or Food Warehouse store across the UK. This discount applies to all purchases, with no minimum spend required, making it an attractive proposition for elderly shoppers on a tight budget.

To claim the discount, customers simply need to have a Bonus card (You can get yours here for free) and present a valid form of identification, such as:

  • Driver’s License

  • Senior Bus Pass

  • Freedom Pass

  • Senior Railcard

The discount is available for a single transaction per customer on the designated day. There is no minimum spend, so you could just buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk if you wanted. The Iceland over 60 discount can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

Since its inception, the Over-60s Discount has been a resounding success, with Iceland surpassing 8 million transactions in January 2024.

This milestone underscores the significant impact the discount has had on elderly shoppers, many of whom rely on it to stretch their limited incomes.

Popular Items and Busy Stores

The two most popular items purchased using the Over-60s Discount were four-pint bottles of Iceland's own-brand semi-skimmed and whole milk, followed by Fyffes Bananas and Iceland's own-brand corned beef. This highlights the importance of affordable staple items for elderly shoppers on a tight budget.

The Kingsbury store in London emerged as the busiest location for the discount, indicating a high concentration of elderly customers in the area.

Iceland's Over-60s Discount is part of the company's broader efforts to support its customers during the cost of living crisis. In addition to the discount, Iceland has extended a price freeze on its £1 or less value range and implemented other price initiatives to minimise the impact of rising food costs on customers.


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