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Morrisons Offer FREE Delivery to The Vulnerable..

Morrisons are offering FREE delivery of essential food items, for those classed as elderly or vulnerable, and self isolating

With the second wave of Covid-19 firmly taking hold, the number of people having to self isolate has increased, and this can cause problems in regards to ensuring that people have enough food to keep them going.

Morrisons launched the Doorstep Delivery service back in April, and this was set up specifically to help those people who were unable to get to stores, and the service is still ongoing.

It's free delivery to those classed as elderly or vulnerable, £2 for students and £4.50 to everyone else. You do need to be located within 10 miles of your local store in order to qualify for the service. There is a more limited selection of items available, as it covers the essentials, but it's a wide enough selection to ensure you get fed, and that's the important thing! You can't order online, it's done via phone. Call 0345 611 6111, option 5, and your order will be delivered the next day.

Payment is taken at your door, via contactless payment , (No cash, just card), and the driver will deliver in a covid secure manner.

If you have someone that you feel isn't getting groceries easily, and aren't able to pay on delivery, then you can always use the Morrisons normal website to place an order, pay online, and have it delivered for them. My experience of the normal delivery service has been pretty positive, I always seem to be able to get a next day delivery slot, for either normal delivery, or the supermarkets food box service, although every store/delivery area is different of course, plus needless to say other supermarkets also offer a delivery service as well.

Also consider the Milk & More service for home delivery of staple items such as milk, butter, cheese, bread, eggs, bacon, soft drinks, tea, coffee etc. I've made a lot of use of this service, and can receive 3 deliveries a week if needed, it's certainly ensured we haven't missed out on a cup of tea or slice of toast, in the morning, since we started using the service!

Delivery is free, payment made online, and it's something you might like to set up for you to send a care package for somebody you think might really appreciate one now and then... I have a referral code if you would like to try the service, and it will give you a £5 saving, off a £10 order, if you use the promo code - R14HS1 plus you get a free bottle of orange juice as a welcoming offer as well. Just go to to take up the new account offer. There is no requirement to place any further orders if you don't want to.

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