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Indeed Job Spotter - *Currently Closed*

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


Indeed Job Spotter is a fab way to earn some extra Amazon vouchers, while out and about!

Essentially you have to keep your eye out for job vacancy signs in shop windows and when you see one, you need to, using the app, take a photo of the sign, take a photo of the business and then upload the photo, again, using the app.

This automatically uploads and your submission is then double checked. Once confirmed you will be awarded points.

The number of points awarded will vary depending on the type of establishment advertising the job.

Generally the larger the advertiser, the lower the number of points earned. Small traders, such independent shops and hairdressers etc will earn you more points.

The points are added to your 'wallet' and these can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

There is no minimum redemption value and so you can redeem points whenever you want to.

The app states it can take a couple of week to get the gift cards emailed to you, but generally they arrive within 72 hours.

The app is available on IOS & Android smartphones.

I have earned many pounds worth of Amazon vouchers using this app. Just walking around a town/city, it's actually amazing how many job vacancy signs you see, and can snap!

It becomes a habit, looking at every sign in a shop window, with the hope it may be a job vacancy sign! I once made £24 in vouchers, just walking around Guildford's main shopping area, while I was waiting for the other half to do some shopping!

The more obscure the business, the more likely it is that you will earn decent points for the vacancy sign, some of the more main stream businesses advertising jobs, will earn a pitiful amount of points, but worth snapping them anyway, as the points add up fast!

Just so you know, you have to use the app to take the photos. Don't think you can take the photos and upload them later.. you can't! Also the 2nd photo you take, of the business, also uplands the GPS coordinates of the business, so again they know if you aren't actually there, and finally don't try and take photo of a sign you have found online.. again, it won't work!

Earn Amazon Vouchers by snapping job vacancy signs while out shopping

Earn Amazon Vouchers by snapping job vacancy signs while out shopping


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