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Make Money While Shopping with Roamler: The Ultimate Platform for Mystery Shoppers

Updated: Feb 8

Discover the benefits of participating in market research and mystery shopping assignments with Roamler. Learn how you can earn money by providing valuable feedback and insights to businesses

Discover the benefits of participating in market research and mystery shopping assignments with Roamler. Learn how you can earn money by providing valuable feedback and insights to businesses

Roamer is a mobile application that connects individuals with market research and mystery shopping opportunities, allowing them to earn extra money. Here are some ways Roamer can help someone earn extra money through market research:

  1. Paid Surveys: Roamer offers paid survey opportunities where users can share their opinions on various products, services, or topics. These surveys are designed by market research companies or brands looking to gather valuable insights from consumers. Users can complete surveys at their convenience and earn money or rewards for their participation.

  2. Product Testing: Roamer also provides opportunities for users to participate in product testing. Users may receive products to test, use, and provide feedback on their experiences. This valuable feedback helps companies refine their products before launching them in the market. Participants often receive compensation for their time and effort in addition to getting to keep the tested products.

  3. Mystery Shopping: Roamer offers users the chance to become mystery shoppers. As mystery shoppers, individuals visit designated stores or establishments to evaluate and report on various aspects such as customer service, cleanliness, product displays, and overall experience. Mystery shoppers are reimbursed for their purchases and may also receive additional compensation for their time.

  4. Focus Groups: Roamer facilitates participation in focus groups, which are in-depth discussions with a small group of individuals who share their opinions and insights on specific topics or products. These sessions are usually conducted online or in person and can range from a few hours to a few days. Participants are compensated for their time and contributions during these focus groups.

  5. User Testing: Roamer allows users to participate in user testing activities for websites, apps, or digital platforms. Users are given specific tasks to perform while their interactions are recorded and analysed. User testing helps companies improve their user experience and identify areas of improvement. Participants are typically compensated for their time and feedback.

  6. Online Communities: Roamer may provide opportunities to join online communities or panels where users can engage in ongoing discussions, polls, or surveys related to specific industries or products. These communities often offer compensation or rewards for active participation and input.

It's important to note that the availability and frequency of these opportunities may vary based on your location, demographics, and the specific market research projects available at any given time. However, Roamer serves as a convenient platform that brings together various market research opportunities, allowing individuals to earn extra money by sharing their opinions and participating in valuable research activities.

You can expect to earn anywhere between £2 and £10, sometime more, for successful mission completion, plus you may also be able to grab free products, food or drinks as well! Completed task payments are paid to your Paypal account. You can grab a free PayPal account here

This app requires you have an invite code to download and participate in tasks. The best place to find this code is to look at a Roamler Facebook page; they often list them there. They seem to restrict the number of new sign-ups at certain times and advertise the codes if they are expecting to be busy with lots of new tasks being made available.

The Roamler is available on both IOS & Android

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