Prolific - Paid Vocational Studies

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Prolific links you academic researchers looking for people to answer questions to help aid them in their research and studies.

In return you will be financially rewarded.

Rewards vary from study to study, some from as little as a few pence for a very short study, but can be up to £5 pounds for the longer studies.

Prolific set a, maximum possible hourly pay, of £5 per hour.

Once you have earned £5 you can then cash out to a PayPal account. 

There are some 45,000 participants of this system and so you do need to check regularly, as the better paying studies, will go very quickly.

There are lots of different types of studies on the go at any given time. It could be scientific research, new product launches, your opinion on news stories, your thoughts about specific pieces of information given and such like. It's a very varied study site.

If you put the work in, you can definitely earn some decent extra cash, I've earned £20 a week, on a good week, and some weeks are busier than others, especially during the uni holidays, such as Christmas and Summer, as the students are generally at home, and not so likely to be conducting research!


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