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IntelliZoom - Market Research App

IntelliZoom, is a market research company, based in the USA, but offering UK themed market research projects, to it's users, and specialise in getting their 'testers' to test out new websites in order for the companies they are working on behalf of, to try and find any issues or website flaws before they launch, and / or helping site owners decide on how things should look/ be placed on a website.

The testing can be done on a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone, although certain studies may well want the test to be done on a certain type of device, however when offered the assignment, it will specify the device needed to participate.

The pay rate varies slightly, and it's paid in USD $, as it's an American site but normally it's around $5 for a card sorting test, (Basically you have to move words around the screen, and place into sections/departments, which make the most sense to you, and is normally all website based, so you might move the word contact us, into a department called Customer Service, and so on. It's very easy, and there are no right or wrong answers!), or $8 for a slightly more involved test, which may be you being asked how you would do a specific thing on a website, such as finding how to contact customer service, by IntelliZoom recording your screen to see how you respond to the task and find the answer, whilst you speak out loud, explaining why you are doing what you are doing.

The $5 task normally take under 10 minutes to perform, and the $8 tasks are normally under 15 minutes, tops. You get paid via PayPal, and payment normally arrives in a couple of weeks or so. The $ will go into your PayPal account, and from there you can easily convert the $ to £, using the currency converter on the PayPal website/app.

There aren't huge numbers of tests at any given time, but they will email you when one becomes available, and then it's first come first served. I normally receive around 5 to 10 a week, often during the night, (Due to time difference between the UK & US), and so it's possible that if you like a lie in, you may miss the assignment!

You won't qualify for every assignment, you will normally be asked a couple of screener questions before the assignment starts, to make sure you are a suitable candidate, but I tend to find I'm about 75% qualified for all the assignments sent to me.

You won't get rich from this service, but it does bring in a few extra £ per month, and it's something you can participate in from your sofa, so pretty easy to take part in!

You can find out more about IntelliZoom, and sign up HERE

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