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Could You Be A Winner With JamDoughnut's New Free Game? I've Won 3 times!

Win Up To £100 With The JammyDough Roulette Wheel!

Win Up To £100 With The JammyDough Roulette Wheel!

Cashback app JamDoughnut has launched a new game show, which streams on its app, and everyone who attends the stream is automatically entered for the chance to win up to £100.

It is a roulette game, and the idea is that the system will scan through the list of everyone who's watching the stream and secretly lock in a winner. The presenter changes daily and has been a selection of different money-themed influencers (they didn't ask me to do it, which is probably best as I have a face for radio), as well as other influencers and special guests. The presenter spins the roulette wheel, and whatever the wheel lands on is what the winner will receive, and the winner is then revealed to the audience.

You'll also find 'Guess the retailer' games, which are inspired by the TV gameshow Catchphrase, as well as riddles to solve, and you're encouraged to type the answer into the message box, and the system will randomly pick one of the correct responders to be the winner for the next roulette wheel spin.

Prizes start from £1, and the top prize is £100. Prizes under £10 are paid directly into the user's JamDoughnut account, and prizes over £10 are paid as a gift card for any of JamDoughnuts affiliated retailers.

The stream starts at 1 pm from Monday to Friday and lasts for 45 minutes, and can be a fun way to spend your lunch break! You don't even need to actually watch it if you're busy, just keep the stream going, and if you win a prize, it'll be allocated to your account automatically, or you'll be emailed asking what gift card you'd like, should you win a bigger prize. It's totally free to play along, but you do need to have a JamDoughnut account to take part. You can join JamDoughnut using our referral link here, and use referral code PPUK to get yourself a £2 bonus.

To play, go to the JamDoughnut app; at the bottom, you'll see a TV symbol. If you click on that, it'll take you to the live stream, and you'll be automatically playing! I've seen around 3,000 players at any one time in the past, recently up to about 800 or so, and the fewer the number of players, the higher the chance your name might come up!

Have I won anything? Yes, I have! I've won three times now, the first was a £1 bonus, the second was a £5 bonus, and the third was a £1 bonus, and although I'm not going to be going out to buy a new car with the winnings, I am very grateful to be £7 better off!

This is a free game is still a form of gambling. For advice on how to stop gambling, contact GambleAware for free.


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