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The Best Supermarket Cashback Rate This Week - 23/02/24

Where can you get the best cashback rates on your grocery shop this week?

Valid as of 23.02.24 but subject to change

Where can you get the best cashback rates on your grocery shop this week? We have the answer!

The average family probably spends one of the highest percentages of the expenditure per month shopping for groceries. Short of a mortgage or rent, it's likely this is the biggest expense, and so for that very reason, it's an area where any cashback you can earn will make all the difference!

There are lots of cashback sites these days, and it can be confusing to know which one to use a specific retailer; you could go through every single cashback app to check, but luckily, we've done that for you, so now it takes just a second to see which cashback service you want to be using to maximise your savings. In regards to supermarkets, there are two main ways in which to earn cashback; cashback via gift card and cashback via an internet purchase.

Gift Card Cashback

A gift card you will generally buy via a cashback app, and this will allow you to earn a percentage of the cost of the gift card as a cashback bonus, which will go into the wallet of the app you're using and once you have a specific amount, you can withdraw the balance to your bank or use it to buy another gift card. In the case of Mad About Money's app, you get a discount on the gift card, so you pay less for the gift card rather than waiting for the cashback to be redeemable. These gift cards can then be used in the supermarket to pay, and for some supermarkets, you can use the gift cards online if you prefer.

Online Cashback

In the case of buying online and receiving cashback, again, you can use gift cards to pay online, which you have bought from a gift card cashback service, and you 'might' also be able to use the conventional style click through to the supermarket via a cashback retailer such as TopCashback or Quidco and then use the gift card to pay, potentially doubling your cashback, but this is less likely now; I tried this buying from Asda, via Topcashback, and using a gift card I bought from JamDougnut, and I noticed in the terms and conditions that Topcashback won't now pay cashback if you pay by gift card, so I changed to Quidco and it seemed to work, so it's trial and error!

Otherwise, you'll earn cashback via clicking through to the retailer and paying via your debit/credit card, or in the case of the automatic cashback apps like Cheddar or Airtime Rewards; you'll earn cashback by spending with cards that you've registered to the app, and with partnered retailers, which is nice and easy!

So, what are this week's best cashback rates for buying groceries?

The chart below shows you who is offering the best cashback rate for both gift card purchases and online purchases. Not all cashback services offer cashback for every supermarket, and you'll find that in some cases, there may be a minimum purchase amount required to be able to attain the rates on the chart. The chart reflects the cashback for existing customers and not those for new customers, as new customers often have access to bonus cashback rates for a first order and possibly for the next few orders as well, so I've chosen not to include these as they aren't available for everyone.

This weeks best supermarket This weeks best supermarket cashback rates

If you haven't already got an account with any of the cashback sites mentioned, you can find links below to all the cashback services on the chart. It's worth having an account with all the apps to increase your chances of making savings; they are all free to use! Some of these links may be affiliate links, which we'll earn a bonus on when you register/cash out for the first time ( You may get a bonus as well!), but at no cost or loss of cashback to you.

Links To The Cashback Services

ZipZero JamDoughnut - Use referral code PPUK for a £2 bonus Cheddar - Use referral code PINCHER for a £2 bonus when you buy your first gift card Mad About Money TopCashback Quidco

Airtime Rewards - Earn a £1.50 bonus with referral code: Q8FWLDQB


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