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Discover Jisp For Grocery Savings And Even Freebies!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Discover Jisp For Decent Grocery Savings And Even Freebies!

This information post has been updated in October 2023; click HERE to view the latest version

How Jisp can save You Money

I've been aware of the Jisp app for a few years now, and if I'm honest it confused me a little, as I wasn't really sure what it was, how it worked and importantly how I could use it.

The issue was I'm based in the South East and all the offers and home delivery options were only for locations located hundreds of miles away from me, so it was an app I never really was able to make use of,( until now), as it seems that the app has moved on since my last visit and has evolved into something quite different from what I was expecting.

So what is Jisp?

The Jisp app does a couple of things that I think will make it worth the download to anyone who likes to save a few quid.

Firstly, and in my view less importantly, the app allows you to place an order for groceries from local convenience stores and have it delivered to your home. I guess It's similar to Uber Eats and Deliveroo, in that you place an order for groceries, and they will deliver to you asap.

The app also allows you to arrange a click-and-collect order, so you can place your order, pop into the shop, and have it there waiting for you, which is handy.

The delivery features were the main aim of the app, when I had downloaded the app previously, in fact as far as I could tell, this was all it did, which would have been useful to me at the time being Uber etas & Deliveroo didn't deliver groceries here, at that time, but the issue was that Jisp, as I said at the start of this post, didn't have any participating stores near me, and sadly they still don't, but I suspect this will change, especially as the head office is based in Alton, in Hampshire, just a few minutes from where I live, so I'm sure they will be looking to get more local stores onboard!

The big change, released in September 2021, is the 'Scan & Save' function, and I like it! This function allows you to visit a participating retailer, which is usually a smaller convenience store, and open the app which will give you a list of discounted deals available in the store that you can save your hard-earned money on! Find the product being promoted, scan the barcode on the product, or the price ticket and the discount will show on the app. When you go to pay, show the cashier the app, and they will scan this and take the saving off your bill, there and then. This isn’t a cashback scheme where you claim a refund at a later date; this is an instant reduction at the till.

Often the offers will be highlighted with Jisp point of sale material, making it even easier to see what offers are available.

Often the offers will be highlighted with Jisp point of sale material, making it even easier to see what offers are available.

As well as the instant reductions, redeem 25 Scan & Save products to receive an in-app voucher that gives you £2.50 off any item in the store you earned your rewards, saving you money off a future purchase. The redemption can be of any value, so even a 10p coupon redemption will be counted within the 25 redemption target.

Watch the video below to see the app in action.

What sort of products are on offer?

I've seen offers elsewhere, for products that, if I'm honest, have little interest to me. It's all bottles of spirits and random food products I'm never likely to buy, but Jisp is different. A quick scan of the app shows me that at a Nisa store about 5 minutes from me, I can grab discounts on bread, milk, cheese, soft drinks, beer, wine, ketchup, beans, jam, toilet roll, frozen pizza, frozen fish, frozen chip products, crisps, cereal, coffee, sweets and chocolate, cakes, sauces, butter, cream, tinned sweetcorn, pasta, washing detergent, shampoo, lip balm, biscuits and lots more, so it's products you might use every day, rather than the more unusual ones!

The discounts are pretty reasonable, with 25p off bread, 40p off milk, £2 off wine, £2.47 off beer, as an example, and all these discounts are for big brand products, not own brand items, making the deals even better, meaning you are getting comparable prices to the big supermarkets, possibly even better pricing, from your local shop!

I even found this freebie as well, free HP beans! I could just scan this product with the app, go to the till and get it for free, and I do love a freebie!

I even found this freebie as well, free HP beans! I could just scan this product with the app, go to the till and get it for free, and I do love a freebie!

Jisp reckons they have saved over £300,000 for shoppers so far, with the 'Scan and Save' feature turning one year old in September 2022. The app at that time, had over £1 Million of sales go through, which was 707,000 scans in-store, with 499,500 money-saving vouchers issued and 451,000 redemptions from its thousands of users.

The app can be used at selected stores throughout the UK. Use the app to see what stores are near you to grab some discounted goodies. Helpful if you are out and about and fancy a drink or a snack or need to get something for dinner from a local store, as the savings will come in handy.

Locations where the Jisp app can be used.
Locations where the Jisp app can be used.

It's a good time for such a service to be available; we are all struggling with the cost of living right now, and if you are offered the chance to make a saving on something you were very likely going to buy anyway, who's going to say no, not me, that's for sure!

There aren't any charges for using the app, it's free to download, free to use and so well worth downloading in my view!

You can download the app for free HERE, and if you sign up with promo code 58G88M you'll get a free 50p bonus to get you started!

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Information is correct as of 14th November 2022, but subject to change.


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