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July Freebie Alert: 5 Freebies You Can Claim Today!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Freebie Alert: 5 Awesome Things You Can Get Today for Free!

We all love a freebie; but there's one thing better than a freebie... five freebies!

The following offers are all up for grabs this week, some finish soon, others are good for a few weeks yet, but I walkways suggest to grab the deal before it changes or runs out, as this is often the case when blog posts such as this one go live and people start claiming the offers!

The Deals

1. GreenJinn, the supermarket cashback app, is offering this fab freebie; The OFFER has a code exclusive to Penny Pincher followers; grab a totally free Pollen & Grace salad or Burrito bowl from participating SAINSBURY'S & CO-OP stores. This was initially available only from Tesco, but you can no longer get it from Tesco unless your app is still showing the offer. There are two to choose from, and you can claim both, worth £6.50 in total.

If you already claimed the deal from Tesco last week, try clicking on the link (below) again you should may well get the offer again from both Co-op and Sainsbury's, meaning you claim twice again! To get this deal, you do need to be a GreenJinn app user; if you're not, then download it HERE (link needs to be opened on your smartphone), and this will allow you to download the app, and it will also add the offer to your deal list. If you are already using GreenJinn, you can use the same link, (on youur smartphone), and it will add the offer, or alternatively go to your profile page on the app, go to Reward Code and use the code: thepennypincheruk-pollengrace The Pollen & Grace items cost between £3.25 and £3.95 each, depending where you gran your from, and you'll get 100% cashback from GreenJinn. All two of the items are listed separately, so you can claim both, worth £6.50. The offer is open until MIDNIGHT ON JULY 3RD


2. You can grab a free bottle of Victorias Malaga lager, 660ml, from participating Tesco stores until 8th August. You need to go to the promotion website and add your phone number. You'll then be text a coupon that you show the cashier, (doesn't work on self service tills), and then the price of the beer, (£2.50), will be taken off your bill.

Once you have the been sent the coupon, you'll have 10 days to use it.


3. You can grab a free tin of Nescafe Azera Americano Instant Coffee 90g from Hashting via 100% cashback. This is an unusual cashback deal as the amount of cashback you'll get depends on the temperature in London on the day you buy the coffee! I know that does sound weird, but it's because Nescafe is suggesting trying the coffee as an iced coffee, and so if the temperature in London is 20° Celsius or above, you'll be able to claim 100% cashback (£6), on the coffee; if it's below 20° Celsius, you'll be able to claim £4 back! To determine the temperature in London, Nescafe is using the Accuweather forecast to determine the temperature on the day you bought the coffee. Being this is now summer, you can be reasonably sure the weather will be above 20° Celsius most days, but check the app to be on the safe side before buying! To get your cashback, you'll need to use this LINK to activate the deal, which involves being text the offer to your phone. Once you've bought the coffee, you can snap your receipt and send this to Nescafe/Hashting, who will refund you the cost of the coffee at £6 or £4 if it's been chilly! The offer is valid until 23:59 on 14/08/2023, OR when 2,000 unique, valid claims have been received, whichever is sooner.


4. O2 Priority customers can grab a 3-month trial of Apple TV via the O2 Priority app. Even if you've had a free trial before you can grab the deal, as the link you get applies a gift card to your Apple TV account which then redeems the 3 months of free access to the entertainment app. It will set you up a £6.99 subscription, which would start from 3 months after you activated the offer, but this is easily cancelled via the Apple TV app, which I did immediately, which cancelled the subscription but still allows you to keep the 3 months of free viewing, which is handy as it covers the school holidays when there is more of a need of finding things to keep the kids entertained, and Apple TV has plenty of kids telly options, (not that I'm saying stick your kids in front of the telly or on the app all day, but there are times this can be useful!) The O2 offer ends on 11th August 2023, and the Apple redemption must have been used by 9th November 2023.


5. Sky customers who have enrolled in the Sky VIP programme, (which is free), can get a free movie 'Bumblebee' from the Sky Store as part of the VIP rewards programme. Once you are on the relevant Sky VIP page, scroll down and further down you will also see a option to grab free Cadbury's chocolate, to the value of £1.50 from Tesco as well. They are offering this to a limited number of customers per day, so if you don't get it today then look again tomorrow! The chocolate comes in the form of a £1.50 Tesco gift card, so you can grab whichever Cadbury's chocolate you fancy, which in my case was enough for a bag of shareable size Cadbury's Twirls!


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