Grab A FREE Sainsbury's Gift Card, And It Won't Cost You A Penny!

Updated: Apr 19

The April, £5, Co-op Freezer Deal!

Fancy a FREE £5 Sainsbury's Gift Card? Here's how to grab one, and it won't cost you a penny!

Karma Cashback, my new favourite cashback app (because they do so many great deals!), is offering new users a free £5 Sainsbury's gift card for anyone downloading and registering the app before Midnight on the 18thth of April 2022!

You don't need to buy anything, simply download and register on the app. The £5 gift card will be applied to your account, within a few days of the promotion ending, on the 18th of April.

"Make spending more rewarding with Karma Cashback. The only cashback app that allows you to earn as much as 19.5% Cashback from over 22,000 retail outlets."

If you have already downloaded the app, you can also grab a great freebie, as you can be rewarded with a FREE £20 #justeat voucher when you buy £100 of gift cards from any of the app's retailers so; as an example, if you are going out to the supermarket, buy a £100 supermarket gift card, you will then get cashback applied to your account, have the £100 gift card within a couple of minutes in your account, which you can use immediately in the supermarket, plus a couple of days after the promotion ends on the 28th April, you will get the £20 Just Eat voucher applied to your account, which you can use to put towards a takeaway of your choice... all for spending money you were going to spend anyway! It's a no brainer!

You can download the app HERE.