Grab Decent Cash Back From Karma Vouchers - See Our Review

Updated: May 5

Earn Instant Cashback From Dozens Of UK Retailers

The Karma Vouchers app is a useful way to earn cashback from some of your favourite UK retailers

The app offers you the facility to be able to purchase gift vouchers, from dozen of well known UK retailers, which you can then spend in your local store. The benefit is that you are paid cashback for your voucher purchase, which is instantly added to your account balance for you to spend, withdraw or give to charity.

The main benefit here is the speed in which the cashback is paid to you, there is no waiting period, unlike many cashback sites, (which can take weeks, or months, for the cashback to become payable to you), and the cashback rates are competitive, with cashback rates advertised up to 19.5%, (although the highest ones I found while writing this guide, was 10.5%, it's worth noting that rates change frequently, depending on special offers etc)


At the time of writing this (Jan 2022) these are the brands available, and the cashback rates available:

Asda 2.8%

Morrisons 2.8%

Tesco 2.1%

Sainsbury's 2.8% 2.1%

Argos 4.2%

B&Q 2.5%

John Lewis 2.8%

Currys 5.3%

Halfords 7%

National Express 10.5%

Uber 2.8%

Costa 7%

Caffe Nero 7%

Sports Direct 3.5%

Primark 4.2%

New look 7%

Decathlon 4.2%

Clarks 7%

Foot Locker 7%

Adidas 7%

River Island 5.6%

FatFace 6.3%

Not On The High Street 7%

ASOS 5.6%

National Book Tokens 7%

Waterstones 3.5%

National Trust 5.6%

Ernest Jones 5.3%

Just Eat 4.9%

Deliveroo 3.5%

Pizza Express 7%

Pizza Hut 7.7%

Harvester 8.4%

The Restaurant Card 8.4%

Turtle Bay 7%

Prezzo 7%

British Pub Card 7%

Toby Carvery 8.4%

All Bar One 8.4%

Vintage Inns 8.4%

Bonmarche 7%

So how do these rates compare to Top Cashback's 'Top Gift Cards Service? Green means a better rate, red means a worse rate, N/A means that Top Gift Cards don't offer cashback with this retailer, and yellow means it's the same cashback rate.

Asda 1.6%

Morrisons 2.5%

Tesco N/A

Sainsbury's N/A N/A

Argos 3.4%


John Lewis 2.5%

Currys 5.2%

Halfords 7%

National Express N/A

Uber 2.5%

Costa 7%

Caffe Nero 7%

Sports Direct 2.05%

Primark 4.3%

New look 7%

Decathlon 4.3%

Clarks N/A

Foot Locker 7%

Adidas 7%

River Island N/A

FatFace N/A

Not On The High Street N/A

ASOS 6.1%

National Book Tokens 7%

Waterstones N/A

National Trust N/A

Ernest Jones 4.75%

Just Eat N/A

Deliveroo 2.5%

Pizza Express N/A

Pizza Hut 7%

Harvester 8.8%

The Restaurant Card 7%

Turtle Bay N/A

Prezzo N/A

British Pub Card 7%

Toby Carvery N/A

All Bar One 8.8%

Vintage Inns N/A

Bonmarche N/A

So looking at the differences, it is fair to say that Karma is offering some great cashback deals for vouchers, with a fair few retailers not being currently being offered by the Top Gift Cards Service, and to be fair, there are many retailers that Karma isn't offering that its rival is.

For me there are some very positive reasons for using Karma, my main ones are:

  • Some decent cashback rates, beating some of its main rivals figures

  • Exclusive cashback for Amazon, which is notoriously hard to get cashback from!

  • Decent supermarket cashback, some exclusive, which means you can grab cashback from simply buying groceries, which will add up over a year, £2.10 - £2.80, average, for every £100 spent

  • Vouchers are kept on the app, so no bits of paper to lose, and all within one app, for all retailers

  • Instant cashback, no waiting weeks for the cashback to become payable

I also like that you can earn cashback when buying in physical stores. Yes, you may, possibly, find better cashback rates for purchasing from these same retailers on the web, BUT this cashback is earned while shopping on the high street, which you can't get with many of the retailers partnered with Karma, and so it's another way to earn cashback that you wouldn't normally be able to do!

ALSO, vouchers purchased for redemption on the web, as a method of payment, may still earn you even more cashback, by using Top Cashback or Quidco when placing the orders, as the gift vouchers are accepted as a payment method, and so you should also then earn cashback on the purchase as well!

My only negative comment is that in order to top up your account you have to send a payment from your bank to Karma, by means of BAC's transfer, which while that isn't that difficult, as you just set up Karma on your banking app, you do need to allow time for the transfer to be accepted by Karma's bank account, which may take a few minutes or more.

This does mean that you can't top up by debit or credit card, which does then rule out people looking to purchase something with their credit card, as you can't do that, unless you do a balance transfer from your credit card to your bank, (check for any charges or increased APR rates doing this), plus also you won't get any credit card payment protection from your credit card company for your purchase, (although if you are buying food, restaurant meals, coffee etc, this isn't relevant, it's only large value purchases, such as a new TV from Currys that may be important), so for anyone that is relying on their credit card to buy necessities, this service won't be available to them.

I suspect the reason behind the lack of debit/credit card top up's is the cost of the transaction to Karma, as transactions can be expensive to process, as the credit/debit card processors will charge them a % of the transaction value, and most likely this is more expensive than Karma make from gift card transaction commission, so I see why they are avoiding this facility at present, but who knows, this may change in the future.

All in all, this is a decent app, that I think has a place on your phone! It makes sense to be trying to claw back every penny you can from your purchases, and this is certainly a decent contender in the increasingly busy, cashback market, with some hard to beat cashback rates...

Cashback rates are correct as of 16th January 2022, but subject to change.

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