It's Time To Clear Out The Christmas leftovers!

Time to use up those leftovers!
Still have some Christmas leftovers in the fridge? There may still be a way to keep them for a later date.

Freeze and defrost any leftovers for future dishes. Freezing acts as a pause button. It is safe to freeze food right up until the use-by date. 

You can freeze most food. This includes raw and cooked meats, fruit, potatoes (after boiling for five minutes), grated cheese, and eggs. 

When food defrosts, its core temperature rises. This provides the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow if left at room temperature. It is best to defrost food slowly and safely in the fridge. 

You can also defrost your leftovers thoroughly in a microwave. Make sure you re-heat until steaming hot. Once the food is defrosted eat within 24 hours.

If you still have cooked meats/fish etc, left from Christmas Day, then now would be a good time to get these in the bin, you have had your chance to use these, sadly the bin is the best bet for these now!

Speaking of bins, have you checked when your bins are going to be emptied this coming week? The day may well have changed and so check on you local councils website, to confirm if the bin day has changed. Christmas is a bad time to be have your bins missed for collection!

Also worth checking your local refuse top as well, as many have now, or are about to, insist you have registered your vehicle with the council, ands state that if you haven't, you will be refused entry onto the refuse site. Its free, for households, to register, but larger vehicles, such as vans or vehicles with trailers, may be charged to use the services, or potentially, be banned from using the facilities...

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