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Bargain £1.50 Fruit & Veg Boxes From LIDL

I don't go into Lidl very often, mainly because my local one is in the town centre, and I'm too tight to buy a parking ticket, plus I also can't trust myself in the middle aisle, but I did pop in yesterday and discovered this £1.50 Veggie box!

I know they aren't new; I’ve heard many a person mention what good value they are; it’s just that I've never seen one up close before!

£1.50 for this box of fruit and vegetables is excellent value. The boxes are leftover items that need to be cleared asap and so are boxed up and sold at a discount. They aren't necessarily the best quality produce you’ve ever seen, but they are more than adequate for eating and can be a lifesaver for anyone stretched financially.

This box had plenty of potatoes and oranges, two cabbages, bananas and some grapes as well, which I’m sure, had I bought them, (I saved them for someone more in need than myself, as it was the last box), I would have been able to feed the family for a good couple of days!

If only more stores offered this type of clearance deal, but I appreciate that many offer yellow sticker deals, and the likes of OLIO and Too Good To Go also help those in need, save money, and put food on the table in these tougher than tough times...


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