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Make £18.90 In 10 Minutes With This Genius Cashback Hack!

Make £18.90 In 10 Minutes With This Genius Cashback Hack!

£18.90 For 10 Minutes Work

TopCashback, the cashback website, is currently offering its members £18.90 cashback when you send £50, via Moneygram.

You can send the £50 to anybody, and so I've tested the offer and sent £50 to my fiancee, from my debit card to hers, and she is going to earn £18.90 by sending it back to me, using the same service!

It's free to sign up to Moneygram, and the transfer is also free, so it's just free money, for something that took me 10 minutes to do!

You need to be a TopCashback member to get the deal, and if you are a member then here is the LINK to the offer for you to use to take part. If you aren't a member then sign up HERE for free, and not only will you earn the £18.90, you will also get a bonus of £10 for signing up, once the £18.90 has become payable for you!

The cashback may take up to 48 hours to show up in your TopCashback account as pending.

Make sure you enter the recipient's details carefully, if they have a middle name, enter it on the system, or it won't allow you to continue.

And that's it! It will take a few weeks for the cashback to be payable, as normal, but who doesn't wany free money!?


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