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Have You Experience In Mental Health Issues? If So Take Part In A Quick Paid Study

If you have experience in mental health issues and are happy to discuss your thoughts and answer questions verbally, using a device with a webcam (which will be video recorded), you could earn the UK equivalent of $15 for 20 minutes of your time, plus a potential $30 bonus if you haven't conducted a study with the market research company - User Interviews previously.

The study is unmoderated, meaning you won't actually have to speak to a real person; you will use the research platform to view questions and then respond verbally to what is being asked; your responses will then be video recorded and may be used for research purposes.

The $15 payment will be made via gift card, which can be redeemed at multiple UK retailers.

If you are interested in taking part, use this LINK to fill out a quick screener to check if you are suitable. If you are accepted and perform the task as a new contributor, not previously signed up with User Interviews, you will also receive a $30 bonus payment if using our unique LINK to the study.

If this isn't a project you want to get involved in, you can sign up with User Interviews as a member for free and then be emailed when new studies become available, and the more complex or unique the subject, the more you can expect to earn!

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