Reports That 2 Pints Of Milk Now The Same Cost As 4 Pints Earlier In 2022!

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The Grocer Magazine has reported that Shoppers have faced a fresh batch of milk price increases over the past three weeks, with two pints of milk now costing the same as four pints did at the turn of the year!

Two pints of milk have seen a 10p (or 9.5%) hike to £1.15 across the main UK retailers (apart from Waitrose, which increased its price by 5p to £1.15), shoppers are now paying the same for half the amount of milk they could have bought in January – when a four-pinter also cost £1.15!

It's a sign that the cost of living crisis continues to affect supermarket pricing, meaning your food bill will only continue to increase in price, with many other products seeing a sharp rise in price, with more expected over the coming weeks....