Monese - Get A Bank Account In Minutes & Up-to £30 Of FREE Cash!

Updated on 21st May 2022, to reflect the changes of the Monese referral scheme, from £15 of free cash, to up-to £30.

Get a UK bank account in minutes, with debit card facility, and £15 of FREE credit as well!

Monese is a bank account perfect for anyone struggling to get a high street bank account.

No matter if you have a poor credit rating or have perhaps just come to the UK from Europe and need a bank account facility, Monese will give you a free bank account with a debit card facility, as well as the ability to set up direct debits and make online payments and these are important features for anyone who needs to make online payments to pay rent, bills etc. 

The basic account costs nothing per month and comes with a debit card facility. It's straightforward to set up and can be done in just a few minutes. You will need a form of ID such as a driving licence or passport as part of the set-up process.

There are also paid-for accounts, and these will offer you reduced rates and additional features. Information below on these:

Choose the free Monese account

Monese - Keep track of your account

Track your account activity in real-time, get an overview of your monthly outgoings, set budgets and set your savings aside from your day-to-day spending. Get account statements whenever you like.

The app offers real-time transaction notifications, so you have added peace of mind from instant updates on your mobile whenever you receive or spend money.

Add money to your account instantly by debit card or bank transfer. You can also top up quickly using cash at Post Office and Paypoint locations across the UK.

You can add Monese to your phone’s wallet and make smart, fast and secure contactless payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Spend on your Monese card and make ATM withdrawals worldwide with fee-free allowances and money-saving exchange rates.

The transaction fees are all in the open and can be viewed on the website. Everyday transactions are free, but you will be charged for making certain transactions such as ATM withdrawals and foreign currency exchanges.

Transfers between Monese accounts happen in real-time and are entirely free. With the app, you can also send money to any of your contacts and request payments from them.

Send money to your contacts and request payments from them. You can also save when you transfer money abroad (at the wholesale currency exchange rate). Transfers between Monese accounts are also free and instant.

There is currently a *referral promotion running offering a £20 sign up bonus for new customers. Once you have signed up and made your first transaction via your debit card, your account will be credited with the £20 bonus. 

Then, get £10 each once you have spent a total of £500 in card transactions on your Monese account, or sent this much internationally (outside the EU/EEA).

To qualify for this bonus, you need to go to our special sign-up link, download the app for your phone (It works on IOS and Android devices), and sign up via the app.

* This is a referral offer. If you sign up for Monese, using our link, we will also receive a financial bonus. This bonus is used to help pay our website operating costs.