Earn £30 In Just A Few Minutes, Plus Potentially Another £20 As Well!

Earn £30 In Just A Few Minutes, Plus Potentially Another £40 As Well!

Earn up to £50 with Monese!

Monese, the online banking service, is offering new users of its FREE* banking service, a £30 joining bonus for signing up and then making a first card transaction with its debit card!

Spend over £500 using the card, and you will receive an additional £20 as an extra thank you bonus, so in total, you could earn £50 by signing up!

The banking service is free to join up to, although there is a *£4.95 fee for the cost of sending you a physical card, which is needed to grab your bonus, so factor that in, but that's still a £25 profit, (potentially a £45 gain)!

There are no credit checks made when applying for your account. It won't affect your credit rating. You don't need to confirm your address by sending over documents; this is done by the app geo-locating you to determine your location or ordering the debit card to your home to check that your address is correct.

The lack of credit checks makes it easier for people with a poor credit history to obtain a fully operational bank account without jumping through lots of hoops!

To grab the deal, which is a referral link, you need to use this LINK and then go to the sign-up link at the top right-hand side of the page, and this will give you a QR code to scan to download the app. You can also go to your phone's app library and find Monese and download it from there.

Make sure you sign up for the free account, not a monthly charged account.

Once you have downloaded it and register, you will be asked if you have a referral code, and when prompted, use code ALASD476. This will then ensure that the system knows to apply the bonus scheme to your account, and that's it!

Once set up, you can always load £500 onto the card send it to a relative/partner, which will earn you the £20 bonus... Just sayin'

You can link your Monese card to your PayPal account, so this makes it even easier to send and receive payments to and from your Monese account.

Very simple to set up and get going with, and who doesn't like free cash! We only have a set number of people we can refer, so sign up fast! Once you have signed up, you can then refer your friends, earning referral credit on top of your bonus!