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Earn Cashback At Morrisons & Primark

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Earn Cashback At Morrisons & Now Primark, With Airtime Rewards!

Earn cashback with Airtime Rewards
Earn cashback with Airtime Rewards

The cashback provider, Airtime Rewards, have just announced that you can now earn cash back at not only Morrisons, (Earn 10% back when you spend £30 or more), but now also at Primark as well!

Earn 3.5% cashback on instore Primark purchases from October 2019.

Other retailers included in the cashback scheme include, Waitrose, Argos, Pizza Express, Halfords, Debenhams... over 80 in total!

If you haven't come across Airtime Rewards, its a cashback service with a difference. Register your debit and credit cards with the service, (Yes it is safe!), spend as normal at your favourite retailers, and cashback earned at retailers that have teamed up with Airtime Rewards, can then be used as credit for your mobile phone!

You can make use your credit/cashback to make additional payments to your mobile phone bill, be it contract or pay as you go, mobile phone account, once your balance is £5 or more.

It's a really handy little service, which I've earned over £30 in phone bill credit, so far this year, for doing nothing other than spending as normal... simple!

If you would like to join Airtime Rewards, just download the App, and you are off and running. If you use our referral code - Q8FWLDQB, , you will also receive a 50p joining bonus and you earn cashback in the first 7 days, you will also earn an additional £1 bonus as well!

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