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MSR Paid Market Research App

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Get paid for your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

MSR (which stands for Measure) is a mobile app-based market research platform that will pay you to answer questions, rate products and services, watch and share video's and get your general take on ideas and concepts.

This is undoubtedly one of the better market research apps, in my view, due to the less lengthy, dull questionnaires you are asked to complete (some similar services go on forever and are boring!), and the more frequent tasks offered to you. This app will tell you how long the task will take to perform before you start, plus tell you how many points you can expect to receive for your time.

There are a few ways to earn points, which can be converted into gift vouchers. The more common tasks tend to be quick surveys and questions, with higher-paying 'Paid Job' opportunities. You are asked to perform a particular task, photographing a product or rating a recent purchase you made.

You won't want to jack in the full-time job, just because you have downloaded this app, you won't get super rich it, but by keeping your eye out for tasks, which the app sends you notifications about, you can earn a fair few pounds every month, with some hardcore users, earning £25-£100 per month.

You are paid points for each task you complete, and you can trade those points into gift vouchers once you get to 500+ points; and they do offer an extensive range of vouchers to choose from, which is nice, but don't offer a cash option, so bear that in mind.

You can find out more about MSR and sign up HERE for free.

Info video below.


Still no sign of the bonus!


Signed up using the link but didn’t receive the 50 bonus points 😒

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